alkaline water filter system


Zeroing in on the best alkaline water purification systems for your house is not easy. Many retailers of water filter systems offer a diverse range of brands, products and models. Each of these machines relies on a combination of filters to improve the purity levels of the water. In recent times, the sale of alkaline water machines has begun to soar. These machines provide access to alkaline water, which is beneficial to your health. Among other things, consuming alkaline water could improve your immunity levels.


What Are the Benefits of Consuming Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water typically features a greater number of oxygen ions. The higher number of oxygen ions enhances the pH value of alkaline water. Many people know that water molecules comprise one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms. Under regular chemical processes, one in approximately 10 million of these molecules will ionise i.e. spilt into hydrogen and oxygen ions. Hydrogen ions are acidic in nature, while hydroxyl ions are alkaline. Water will inevitably take on the pH value of the ion that is most abundant in it. This is why alkaline water machines increase the pH value of the water by adding more oxygen ions to it.

Drinking alkaline water can:

  • Protect your body from harmful free radicals
  • Balance the pH levels in your body effectively
  • Make it easier for your body to absorb alkaline water because of its smaller molecular content
  • Wash away the toxins in your body
  • Boost your immunity levels
  • Neutralise the acids in the body, thereby helping you to lose weight and,
  • Thwart the growth of cancerous cells and prevent the development of diabetes


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