Countertop Filters


X-rays have the ability to penetrate through non-metallic materials. These rays can create an image of the human body, thereby enabling the doctor to identify and diagnose various kinds of diseases and ailments. Similarly, many water filter systems abound that have the ability to make drinking water as pure as possible. These systems rely on a diverse range of water filters to rid water of all kinds of contaminants. For instance, ultraviolet water filters can remove a wide spectrum of microorganisms by using ultraviolet light to filter the water. The markets abound with a diverse variety of water purification systems. Possessing some knowledge of these systems could be useful when you want to pick the one that best meets your needs.


What Kinds of Water Filter Systems Are Popular in Australia?

There are mainly two kinds of water filtration systems in Australia i.e. countertop and under-sink filters. Countertop water filters comprise:

  • Water Filter Jugs: These countertop filters are affordable and easy to use. But, they filter water very slowly. In addition, their cartridges are not long-lasting either.
  • Water Distillers: These systems can eliminate all contaminants from water. But, purchasing distillers and maintaining them will not be inexpensive.
  • Ceramic Urns: These urns offer fresh-tasting water. In addition, you can find urns that complement the décor of your kitchen too. But, these urns are fragile and offer low flow rates.


Similarly, under-sink water filters comprise:

  • Carbon and Ceramic Filters: You can configure these systems to remove specific contaminants. These systems can filter substantial amounts of water too. But, only licenced plumbers will be able to install these filters.
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filters: These filters are great in terms of the use-per-litre cost. In addition, they can remove all contaminants too. But, they will invariably waste enormous amounts of water.


The Water Shop – Leading Suppliers and Wholesalers of the Best Drinking Water Filters

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