whole house water filters

whole house water filters


A number of people in Australia invest in the best water filtration systems. This enables them to gain access to pure water whenever they need it. Selecting the best filtration systems can be tough. Numerous models are available in the market, which typically offer a diverse range of features. From Reverse Osmosis (RO) filters to whole house water filters, you could select any water filter that meets your requirements. The presence of water softener systems has added to the complexity of purchasing the best water filtration system. This is why it’s best to do your homework before you make your purchases.


What is the Difference Between a Water Softener System and a Whole House Water Filter?

Water softeners are salt-based systems. These systems replace hard water minerals with salt ions. They add sodium and some potassium to the water. In contrast, whole house filtration systems remove all particles that are larger than the membrane rating of the filters. They come with two-stage purification processes. The first stage traps particles larger than 10 – 100 microns, while the second traps even smaller particles. Filtration systems can remove metals, non-metals and biological organisms e.g. bacteria and viruses too.

Before you invest in a water softening or a filtration system, you’ll need to ascertain the quality of your incoming water supply. Many municipal and rural supply systems typically supply ground water. This water features a higher percentage of dissolved minerals as opposed to surface water. Water with high mineral content goes by the term ‘hard water’. If you want to remove these minerals from the water, opt for a water softening system. In contrast, if you want to rid your water of all kinds of impurities and contaminants, purchase a whole house water filter.


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