under sink filter


Buying water filters to ensure that you can savour pure water has become imperative these days. One often comes across various reports where people contracted some illness after consuming tap water. This is not to say that the water that flows out from your tap is impure or untreated. However, this water usually comes to you via a network of pipes that could typically be several miles away. The longer the distance that it takes for this water to reach your home, the higher the chances of contamination. To prevent these situations from taking place, many people invest in under sink filters and countertop filters.


Why Are Under Sink Filters More Advantageous than Other Water Filter Models?

An under sink water filter treats drinking water before it reaches the tap. This ensures that the water you drink is safe and free of sediments and various other impurities. In these filtration systems, the installers screw the water filter on to the valve beneath the sink. So, when you turn the water on, it will pass through the filter before it reaches the tap. Some filters can only remove sediments and other particles from the water. Others have the ability to remove bacteria and viruses as well. These filters have become immensely popular because they:

  • Are easy to install and use, even if you don’t want to hire a plumber
  • Are practical and do not get in the way
  • Do not consume precious countertop space, thereby making the kitchen clutter-free
  • Do not remove beneficial minerals from the water
  • Require little maintenance unlike RO systems
  • Provide faster levels of filtration than other filtration systems and,
  • Rely on carbon filtration technology that can remove both organic and synthetic chemicals


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