Relishing a cold glass of water after working in the sun can be quite refreshing. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly harder to obtain pure water from your tap. Many people across the country continue to rely on tap water for quenching their thirst. But, in some places, this water is not as pure as it might initially appear to be. After all, contamination of tap water can take place at any point along the entire network of pipes. So, you might find that your tap water is smelling quite nasty occasionally. Alternatively, you might consume the water only to pick up some kind of infection or waterborne disease. Installing water filters such as under-the-sink or countertop filters is the best way to ensure that the water you consume is absolutely pure.


What Are the Benefits of Purchasing Countertop Filters?

Countertop water filters are among the easiest water filters to install and use. All that you need to do for installing these filters is to attach the tube of the filter to the kitchen tap.  Some countertop filters do not even require a direct connection to the water supply. These go by the name of zero installation filters. They simply require electricity for functioning. But, they will take longer to filter the water than conventional water filters. Purchasing countertop water filters could be worthwhile because:

  • They require minimal installation
  • Some of these filters are portable and therefore, you could carry them with you wherever you go i.e. gravity water filters
  • You won’t require any extra tap for these filters as opposed to under-sink filters that necessitate the installation of a special filter tap next to the existing one
  • These filters are easy to maintain and,
  • They are quite inexpensive and only require replacement at specified periods


Are You Looking for the Best Drinking Water Filter?

Whether you need countertop filters or Reverse Osmosis (RO) filters, make your purchases at The Water Shop. We’re the brainchild of Vince Russell – one of the founding fathers of the Australian health food industry. Vince earned renown across the country by designing and commercialising Australia’s first home drinking water system. The Water Shop commenced operations in the 1980s as the need for high-quality water purification technologies emerged. Today, we’re one of Australia’s largest independent water filtration importers, exporters, wholesalers and retailers. To know more, call us at 02 9458 1111.


Countertop Filters

Countertop Filters