Sprite Handheld Filter Cartridge


Shower filtration by Sprite is the logical addition to for ones concerned about home environmental issues including the quality of water and air in their homes.

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Filtration Process

Chlorine is universally used to disinfect water, by killing bacteria and micro-organisms. However, once it reaches your home it can negatively affect your family’s personal appearance, comfort and even long term health.

Sprite Shower Filter’s exclusive patented filtration media removes more chlorine over a wider temperature range than any other.

Features & Benefits

This is a convenient Twin Replacement cartridge pack to fit within Sprite’s Handheld Chrome Shower Filter, Sprite’s Universal Shower Hose Filter and other Sprite Shower Filters including the Royale, Shower Falls and Filtered Extensions.

50% of chlorine exposure takes place in the shower via absorption into the skin and by inhalation of chlorine vapours. Sprite filters chlorine for softer hair and smoother skin.

Studies have linked chlorinated water to potentially harmful health conditions. Within the hot temperatures of your shower, chlorine vaporizes and when inhaled into the lungs, is transferred into the blood stream. You can breathe easy knowing Sprite Shower Filtration reduces these harsh chlorine vapours.

These cartridges are recommended to be replaced every 3 months.