Omnipure CK-Series Filter Cartridge


The CK-Series was developed to offer our customers an alternative to higher priced replacement bodies designed to fit existing bayonet-style permanent heads. Made of highly durable injection-moulded polypropylene, the CK-Series is constructed from 100% NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) approved materials. Omnipure offers a variety of standard media options including granular activated carbon (GAC) for taste and odour reduction, depth filtration media to address sand, grit and sediment problems that can clog or damage down line equipment and a special blend polyphospate media designed to control the scaling associated with hard water.


Filtration Process

Omnipure filter Carbon blocks utilizes new technology that optimizes surface area for better contaminant absorption. The OmnipureBlock™ is available in a high capacity, ten-micron activated carbon version and a water polishing, cysts reducing one-micron version. Additionally, OmnipureBlocks are available in an activated carbon/scale inhibitor version and a carbon/lead inhibitor version.

The CK-Series of replacement bodies from Omnipure…a reliable, efficient, cost-effective alternative to higher priced filter body replacements on the market.

These cartridges carry a maximum service life of approximately 1-year, dependent on usage and water quality.

Cartridge variations

Dependent on your specific filtration needs – Omnipure provide a range of cartridges specialized in removing particular contaminants.

Quality componentPrimary function
Carbon blockTaste, odour, metals and cyst removal
GACTaste, odour
SedimentDirt, sand and all particulate matter
Phosphate/carbonInhibits scale/lime build up
100% phosphatePrevents scale/lime build up


Please refer to the table below for a sample of the CK-Series cartridges we provide. For any further assistance please call us on 02 9458 1111.

The CK-Series is produced with a length of 12”. Retro fit CUNO AP 8112.

CK Series Carbon Block

Item CodeMicron ratingModelSizes

CK Series GAC/Phosphate

Item CodeMicron ratingModelSizes

Applicable for these filters are a range of heads that feature the varying threads applicable to your system. The following are available:

  • Valved 1/4” Head
  • Valved 3/4” Head
  • Non-Valved 1/4” Head
  • Non-Valved 3/8” Head


ThreadFitting available
1/4” FemaleRH Non-Valved, RH Valved, WL Non-Valved, WL Valved
3/8” FemaleNon-Valved
1/4” John Guest TubeRH Non-Valved, WL Valved, WL Non-Valved
3/8” John Guest TubeWL Non-Valved