Euro Faucet Mounted Filter

Introducing the most compact of all water filters whilst still delivering high purity, great tasting drinking water. Fitted with a Geyser Aragon filter – this patented filter media removes an outstanding array of impurities including chlorine, organic compounds, petroleum products, iron, hardness salts, heavy metals and even viruses including hepatitis A virus

Simply attach to your existing faucet and enjoy filtered water directly from your tap, making it ideal for travel, boats, caravans.

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This unique system features the patented Aragon media filter cartridge that delivers the highest purity water imaginable.

Though small in size, this filter comes from the new generation of Aragon’s nanotechnology filters – which is a Eastern European technology and international patent of Geyser.

This cartridge combines several water treatment methods: mechanical; ion exchange, adsorption; electric adsorption. Today only Geyser has a serial production technology of this material. SGS-polymers are radically new material combining these types of filtration. No known sorption materials can remove such a wide range of chemical compounds as SGS-polymers do.

This guarantees the filtration of harmful contaminants including available chlorine, organic and chlorinated organic compounds, petroleum products, iron, hardness salts, heavy metals, and even viruses including hepatitis A virus, and also other harmful substances.

Effectively Removes

  • 99% Aluminium
  • 99% Chlorine
  • 95% Cadmium
  • 99% e. Coli Bacteria
  • 90% Iron
  • 95% Lead
  • 99% Legionella
  • 95% Zinc
  • 99% Pesticides
  • 95% Turbidity
  • 100% Sediment, Dirt & Rust


Dimensions 80W x 135H mm
Filter output 300 litres*
Max flow rate 0.5 litres per minute
Micron rating 0.5 micron absolute

▵Filter projects approx 50mm below the tap depending on connection.

*The Aragon filter can be washed and re-used! Simply scrub clean under cold running water with a clean, soft brush (e.g. tooth brush) to prolong the filter’s life span.

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