D5 Series Mains-Fed Chiller


  • D5C series mains pressure chiller – cold.
  • D5CH series mains pressure chiller – cold & hot.

Tap into a never ending supply of piping hot, invigorating cold or refreshing cool clean water.

Point of Use (POI) Water Centres are the perfect match for a never ending supply of refreshing hot/cold/cool water.

They are engineered to the highest levels of quality dependability and service and are the proven performers in Australia’s harsh climatic conditions.

Filtration Process

  • Available in free-standing and tabletop models.
  • Constant supply of chilled, filtered water.
  • High quality filtration.
  • Hot water supply 12 liters/hour.
  • International certificates – e.g. CE, NSF, UL.
  • Temperature of cold water adjustable between 5°C and 12°C.

The D5C Mains Pressure Chiller attaches directly to your water source and the large 12 litre reservoir makes it the ideal choice to use with reverse osmosis purification systems.

For further information please refer to the Product Brochure.