12 Litre Large Gravity Filter

Handmade by a multi award winning pottery producer, specializing in the manufacture of all Australian made, stoneware water filters, gravity fed water purifiers, ceramic water purifiers, fluoride water filters and water filter tap.

These pottery water purifier system filters out as much of 99.99% of impurities producing naturally cool great tasting drinking water. Featuring the latest and greatest in water filtration technology, our unique, UK made cartridge, the UltraCeram® Filter Candle even removes fluoride from your water supply!

Limited stock availability! Please contact us to determine available colours and sizes.


Australian Made



  • Fluoride removal via our unique, UK made cartridge the UltraCeram® Filter Candle.
  • Removes as much as 99.99% of impurities from a wide range of water sources.
  • Fitted with a quality stainless steel tap with no plastic liners.
  • Complete with a written 12 month warranty.
  • Available in a wide range of colours and designs, making an attractive addition to your home or office.
  • Also functions as a ‘clean’ water storage container – the entire unit is stoneware, including the filter container!
  • 12 litre capacity.
  • Handmade in Australia.

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