Are water filtration systems necessary? You would not be the only one to think that water from your tap is simply water. But for water to be “safely” delivered to your home a number of chemicals have to be added to prevent water borne diseases.

What are the Health Concerns?

Each year dozens of breaches of water pollution and contamination infect the water supply and health of the public and workers, reports the worker’s Unions.

Sydney Water adds Chlorine Gas and Ammonia as a disinfectant, Highly toxic chemicals in larger doses than just the doses applied to water purification.

Additionally, the water network deals with hazardous materials such as benzene, ammonia, hexavalent chromium and low-level radioactive wastes from hospitals.

Fluoride has presented another major concern for many Australian families. Fluoride that is added to the water is a waste product containing harmful by-products such as Hydrofluosilicic acid, sodium silicofluoride and sodium fluoride which are commonly sourced from phosphate fertilizer manufacturers. Fluoride being added to the water supply is also being challenged as mass medicating of the population.

Water Filtration Benefits

Water filtration can remove all the above mentioned contaminants and more!

Our water filtration systems can provide filtration up to a rate of 99.99% and will only cost you a few cents per litre of filtration! A small price to pay to receive great health benefits and piece of mind for you and your family.

With the widest range of water filtration systems to choose from at the best price guaranteed we are sure we have the perfect system for you.