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An easy way to reap the amazing benefits of drinking alkaline water is to invest in a high quality under sink filter. An under sink filter is simple to install and is virtually maintenance free. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of installing an under sink water filter to get purified alkaline water right in your home.


Advantages of Under-Sink Water Filter

  • It Saves Space: Unlike other types of filters, an under sink filter do not occupy any of the useful space on your benchtop. An under sink filter remains out of sight and helps in maintaining that sleek and clutter-free look of your kitchen.
  • Easy to install: To install an under sink filter, you do not need any extensive plumbing skills. These filters come with detailed instructions, so that you can get your system up and running in no time.
  • Cost-effective: Out of all types of filters available in the market, under sink filters are the most affordable ones.


An alkaline under sink filter not only removes common contaminants like heavy metals, pathogens, pollutants and pesticides from water, but it will also make your water alkaline and richer in minerals. So, you’ll get great tasting, healthier alkaline water that will make your food, coffee or tea taste so much better.


Health Benefits of Drinking Filtered Alkaline Water

  • It makes Your Body More Efficient: An ideal pH balance is essential to ensure that our bodies work with optimum capacity. However, everyday stresses and junk food can make our bodies overly acidic. In such a situation, our biological systems have to work extra hard to restore our pH balance. Drinking alkaline water can help your body maintain an optimum pH level with ease.
  • It Tastes Great: Though most people in Australia have gotten used to the tap water, it’s only when you taste filtered alkaline water, you’ll experience a significant difference in taste. While contaminated tap water has a funny aftertaste, filtered water tastes much better. This may be the reason why households having an alkaline water filter tend to drink more water than people who don’t have a water filter in their homes.


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