Water Filter System

Unfiltered water can be unsafe for consumption. Many people have found this out the hard way. Several Australians continue to drink water from their taps even today. In many cases, this water will have gone through the mandatory treatment processes. As such, it will usually be safe for human consumption. But, even the slightest contamination of this water could lead to the onset of various waterborne diseases. To ensure that they consume pure water, many people rely on an assortment of water filtration systems. Each system uses a series of water filter cartridges. When inserted into the filtration systems, these cartridges filter the water and remove all particulate matter from it.


Tips for Purchasing the Best Water Filter Cartridges

Over time, these cartridges will require replacement and not the entire filter system itself. In many cases, manufacturers specify the amount of water that a cartridge can filter before it requires replacement. This is what people typically refer to as the capacity of the filter.

When you want to buy or replace your water filter cartridges:

  • Consider how frequently you’ll need to replace the cartridges by reading the product manual
  • Purchase a water filter system that comes with an indicator highlighting the volume of filtered water the cartridge has provided
  • Shop for cartridges with higher capacities
  • Ascertain the components that require regular maintenance and the costs of replacement of these components e.g. the membranes of Reverse Osmosis (RO) filters
  • Purchase replacement cartridges that are compatible with the installed water filter model and,
  • Ensure that you replace the filter cartridges before or on the recommended date


Do You Want to Purchase a High-Quality Under Sink Filter for Your House?

More than 30 years ago, The Water Shop came into being courtesy the efforts of Vince Russell. For the uninitiated, Vince is one of the founding fathers of the health food industry in Australia. The increasing number of contaminants in drinking water caught the attention of Vince and led to the establishment of The Water shop. Today, we’re Australia’s largest independent water filtration importer/exporter, wholesaler and retailer. An ISO 9002 approved company, we specialise in offering a diverse range of water filtration systems to our clients. In addition, we stock a myriad of water filter cartridges too. From alkaline filters to countertop filters, we have it all. Call us at (02) 9458 1111 for more information.


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