rainwater filter

Rainwater Filter


By using various filtration systems, homeowners can enjoy pure drinking water. This water will not only be free of odours and dirt. It will not contain any disease-inducing microorganisms as well. More importantly, it will usually contain all the minerals and salts necessary for the well-being of the body. Many Australians have taken to rainwater harvesting these days. Almost everyone is aware that the sources of freshwater are few. As such, many people have taken to collecting and using rainwater. However, it is not wise to consume rainwater without filtering it first. To accomplish this, many suppliers of water filtration systems have begun stocking different types of rainwater filters.


How Should Homeowners Use Rainwater Filters?

The best rainwater filters enhance the quality of your rainwater. In case you’re planning to use rainwater inside the house, you will need to ensure that it is clean and safe. Otherwise, you could fall prey to various waterborne diseases. The rainwater filters that supply clean water for use inside the house are ideal for purifying rainwater. To get the best value from them, ensure that you:

  • Use pre-filtration devices for filtering the rainwater before it enters your rainwater tank
  • Install the rainwater filter after your pump and before the tap (or water outlet)
  • Have a pump that directs the rainwater through the pleated membrane of the rainwater filter cartridge, when you switch it on, for filtering the sediments present in the rainwater and,
  • Replace the rainwater filter cartridge once it fills with sediments as it would reduce the rate of flow of the rain water over time


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