whole house water filters


How do you know if you need a whole house water filter, under-sink water filter or a rainwater filter? How to choose the best water filtration system for your needs? To help our customers, our experts here at The Water Shop have prepared a checklist of some helpful points that you can use to choose the right water filter for your home.


What to consider before buying a Whole House Filter and Rainwater Filter?

  1. Type of Contaminants You Want To Remove From Your Water: Most people want to get rid of common contaminants normally found in tap water. These include but are not limited to chlorine, chemicals, hardness causing minerals and sediments, among others.While under permissible limits, these contaminants may be harmless but sometimes contamination levels in regular water supply can be at high enough to be considered toxic or damaging to the general health. You can easily get your home water tested at a number of facilities. Accordingly, you can buy the most suitable whole house water filter to remove these impurities.
  2. Choosing a Rainwater Filter– If you’re interested in rainwater harvesting, a high quality rainwater filter can be effectively used to remove suspended impurities from the rainwater and make it suitable for normal use. A rainwater filter removes dirt, debris and other impurities from water before it enters the tank.
  3. Know The Difference Between Water Filtration And Water Softening – While water filters remove almost all kinds of impurities present in regular water, water softeners are designed to reduce just hardness causing minerals. However, both these systems can be combined to maximise filtration power of a whole house water filter.
  4. Things to look for in a whole house water filter: There are several factors that determine the power and capacity of a whole house water filter. Some of the most prominent ones are flow rate, filter size and filter life. Make sure you know the water requirements of your various appliances such as hot water heater, dishwasher and toilet etc, and choose the size and flow rate of your water filter accordingly.


For more guidance on rainwater filter and whole house water filter, or to choose from the widest selection of water filtration systems in Australia, contact The Water Shop today!